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How to detect fake Amazon Echo apps

How to detect fake Amazon Echo apps

by Igor Mikhaylov2019-01-20

More and more “smart” gadgets are being invented. The most popular Christmas gift this year was “smart” speakers from Amazon.

The exact number of sold speakers is not known for certain, but a fake application has appeared – the Amazon Alexa installer. It has nothing to do either with Amazon, or with Alexa.


How to distinguish a fake?


  1. Before installing, read the reviews.
  2. Look for typos, grammar mistakes.
  3. Visit the official site.
  4. Check the number of times the application has been downloaded.
  5. Search online to see if there are serious complaints or doubts.


This Amazon Alexa installer.application is quite harmless, but keep in mind the speaker hears everything. Hackers will be interested in exploiting this vulnerability.

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