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Digital Forensics Corp. in the News

Digital Forensics Corp. in the News

Here's how DFC can help journalists tell the whole story

From data breaches to home security to tracking down criminals, technology is in the news every day. Almost any story a reporter handles these days will have a technology angle to it. The experts at Digital Forensics Corp. can provide the expertise and background reporters need to tell the whole story.

We handle all media requests through our Ohio headquarters, but with sufficient lead time we can assist journalists across the United States. For example, when WSB-TV in Atlanta prepared a report on Georgia’s new hands-free law, which restricted use of cell phones while driving, reporter Pete Combs wanted to dive into the technical aspects. He sought to tell viewers how investigators might determine whether a driver had been using a cell phone before a crash or traffic infraction. Would investigators know a driver had been texting, even if he erased the texts or the phone was damaged in a crash?

Combs called Digital Forensics Corp. for an expert opinion. Brian Pishek, from our headquarters in Shaker Heights, Ohio, did a phone interview with Combs. We shot video of the interview in our offices and sent that to WSB, where their news team edited it into their June 29 report.

Our team is in demand and time pressure is often a factor, but we are happy to assist reporters when possible. Journalists looking for an expert opinion on cyber technology, digital forensics or computer evidence used in investigations can contact us by email at

NOTE: The video above has been edited.

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