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DFC’s Work with Private Investigators in the Spotlight

DFC’s Work with Private Investigators in the Spotlight

Along with data breach response and IT network security work, Digital Forensics Corp. works with private investigators across the country to help them resolve a wide range of cases.

That work is highlighted in PI Magazine’s latest issue, September/October 2018. In an article entitled “How One PI Turned Trash Calls into Cash Calls,” Mike Lewis of Confidential Investigative Services discusses his working relationship with DFC and how it has helped him increase revenue by referring cases to DFC when his agency is unable to take them on for some reason. He also talks about how we have helped him resolve some of the cases his agency handles, by accessing digital evidence directly from cell phones, hard drives or other electronic devices.

PI Magazine issue for September/October 2018, featuring Digital Forensics Corp.

PI Magazine issue for September/October 2018, featuring Digital Forensics Corp. and its work with private investigators.

With the huge expansion of digital devices in our lives, the modern private investigator must be able to follow a digital trail and pry hidden information out of smartphones and computers. The average person generates more than a gigabyte of data per day, creating powerful evidence that can be used in a wide variety of cases. This data never goes away, even if it is hidden or deleted. Digital Forensics Corp. can unlock that evidence.

PI Magazine issue for September/October 2018

PI Magazine issue for September/October 2018, featuring Digital Forensics Corp. and its work with private investigators.

Digital forensic evidence is as crucial for a private investigator as DNA testing is for a prosecutor. The scientific precision and accuracy of forensics can help prove – or disprove – a crime as surely as a genetic match. Digital artifacts from messaging, texts and social media can reveal a surprising level of detail about a person’s motivations, attitudes and activities.

Texts, emails, instant messages, images and video often are associated with metadata – the dates, times and other logged information related to digital activity. Automobile computers and surveillance cameras provide more evidence for our forensic engineers to analyze. By unlocking and analyzing metadata on cellphones, laptops and other devices, Digital Forensics Corp. experts can create detailed timelines of a person’s activities, locations and conversations.

Our expert forensic examiners also can recover data from damaged or non-functional devices. They can even recover intentionally deleted or hidden information.

We’re proud of the work we do with private investigators, and we appreciate PI Magazine helping us tell our story.



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