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GPlayed Is A Dangerous New Virus

Cybersecurity experts from the Cisco Talos group discovered a new dangerous virus, which is called GPlayed. The malware is still at the testing stage, but it can turn into a serious threat.

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Are Your Routers and Switchers Opening the Way for Hackers?

Network infrastructure devices – the routers, switchers, servers, firewalls and other devices that facilitate communications on yor network – can be prime targets for hackers. Almost all network traffic crosses these crucial devices, and if one of them is compromised a hacker can do serious damage.

For example, an attacker with access to your organization’s gateway router can control traffic going in and out. He can monitor, modify or deny traffic in any direction. An attacker with access to an internal switcher can control traffic within your organization. As the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Computer Emergency Readiness Team puts it succinctly: Whoever controls the [...]

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Digital Forensics Corp. in the News

From data breaches to home security to tracking down criminals, technology is in the news every day. Almost any story a reporter handles these days will have a technology angle to it. The experts at Digital Forensics Corp. can provide the expertise and background reporters need to tell the whole story.

We handle all media requests through our Ohio headquarters, but with sufficient lead time we can assist journalists across the United States. For example, when WSB-TV in Atlanta prepared a report on Georgia’s new hands-free law, which restricted use of cell phones while driving, reporter Pete Combs wanted to dive into the technical aspects. He sought to tell viewers how [...]

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Hackers go after small businesses, too

So, you think your business is too small to be of interest to hackers?

You’re wrong. So, so wrong.

Recent data breaches have hit large corporations and medical providers, and those organizations are constantly taking steps to beef up their cyber security. That’s smart; they know they are targets.

Those cases make headlines, too, because they typically affect millions of customers and cost companies thousands, if not millions, of dollars to address.

But attacks against smaller businesses don’t often make such a big splash in the news, so many small business owners don’t believe they are targets. But they are. Consider this, from an October 2017 report in [...]

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