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Sextortion on TikTok – How to Protect Yourself

TikTok has made its way into becoming the hottest social media app since Instagram. The app allows you to post short-form user videos that consist of pranks, dancing, jokes, singing, and much more.  With every social media platform comes the potential danger or even toxicity.

Sextortionists have snuck their way into a platform that was made for entertainment and instead created a nesting ground for sextortionists.

In light of the fact that most TikTok users’ range between teens and young adults, sextortionists have an easy path to entering these young adults’ lives by creating relatable accounts to reach out through. In this article, we will discuss what safety [...]

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How Can Sextortion Ruin Your Life?

You’ve probably heard about Sextortion. And if you haven’t, be sure to check out our previous article talking about what sextortion is .  Sextortion – the online cyber-crime of our age. Its reach is sweeping the globe. Any kind of online scam can be harrying, 

Sextortion in particular can be exceptionally mentally anguishing. The largest question we receive is regarding what might happen – how can sextortion ruin your life? After all, we’re talking about distant criminals, who may or may not follow through with their demands.

However distant they may be and for however serious they are about posting your content. Sextortionists hold your reputation in their [...]

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Teen Sextortion – How Teens are in Danger

No one ever thinks it will happen to them. But it can – and does. Sextortion is a form of blackmail in which someone threatens to share sexually explicit images or videos of you with your friends, family, or the internet at large unless you do what they say. Teen sextortion crimes are on the rise. Learn more from our new article how to deal with sextortion.

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What Do Sextortionists Look for In Victims?

In today’s world, sextortion and social media go hand in hand, with criminals fishing the web to find victim after victim.  Once these criminals catch their prey, things will take a drastic turn for the worst.  It makes it hard to believe there is a way out of it. In this article we’ll discover What Do Sextortionists Look for In Victims.

Sextortionists can be vicious criminals with unpredictable actions, that view their victims as cash pigs or banks rather than people. Although, these criminals can be quite unpredictable, their plan of attack usually stays consistent. In this article, we will discuss what sextortionists look for in their victims and how you can [...]

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