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How to Stop Sextortion on Instagram?

How to Stop Sextortion on Instagram?

Sextortion is a type of digital abuse where someone attempts to manipulate, coerce, or force you into producing intimate images or videos of yourself. It is becoming increasingly common on platforms like Instagram, where perpetrators use the platform’s features to threaten and intimidate victims. The good news is, you can learn how to stop sextortion on Instagram and fight back against this insidious form of sexual abuse.

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Discussing Sextortion with Your Teen: A Guide to Starting the Conversation

As the digital age has become even more prevalent in our lives, teens must be aware of the new risks that come along with it. Teen Sextortion is one gravitating risk that can result in significant consequences. In light of recent threats and cases, we have created a guide to help parents talk to teens about sextortion. Awareness is power and by understanding all aspects of the matter, teens can have access to the knowledge necessary to protect themselves from this cyber-crime.

What Is Sextortion?

Internet Sextortion is a serious issue that affects many teens today. It occurs when someone gets a hold of your private pictures and threatens to share them with others unless you [...]

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What Do You Need To Know About Philippines Sextortion?

Are you aware that the Philippines is a hotspot for sextortionists? Sextortion in the Philippines isn’t always easy to recognize or prevent, but it’s important to be aware of its prevalence. In this blog post, we’ll examine all you need to know about Philippines sextortion.

What is Sextortion under Philippines Law?

Sextortion is considered a crime under the Philippines law, defined as an act of coercion or blackmail that is intended to sexually exploit someone. It often involves asking the victim for photos, videos, money, or sexual favors in exchange for not sharing private interactions with others. Sextortion can occur through any type of communication platform, such as [...]

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Sextortion in California – How to Protect Yourself from It?

Sextortion is a serious crime that exploits victims’ personal information and manipulates them into providing more. It’s a growing problem, especially in California where many people have access to the internet. To protect yourself from sextortion in California, it’s important to understand how it works and how to keep yourself safe online.

What is sextortion under California law?

Extortion is defined as the unlawful exaction of money or property through intimidation and threats. This type of crime includes threats of harm to a person or their property, threats to accuse them of a crime, or threats to reveal embarrassing and reputation-damaging information.

Sextortion [...]

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