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Escort Scams: How To Identify and Avoid Them

Scams are increasing year over year. Thanks to the internet, the methods used are becoming even more elaborate. Scammers who target those seeking any sort of romantic connection use methods of extortion or traditional deposit scams to get paid. 

These types of scams fall under the romance scam umbrella and are becoming increasingly common. Romance scams are a fast-increasing marketplace for scammers to branch out to as a means to steal money.

Romance scams are focused on targeting victims looking to connect with other people on dating apps, targeting victims on social media, or even those who may or may not have engaged with accounts on escort services. 

Scammers [...]

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AI and Sextortion: How Scammers Are Using AI

A seemingly innocent photo. A manipulated image. A threat that shatters a life. The weapon? Artificial Intelligence. 

Sextortion, the act of blackmailing someone with explicit material, has taken a terrifying turn with the rise of AI. Now, anyone can be targeted, their reputation and emotional well-being held hostage by fabricated images indistinguishable from reality.

The data is astonishing, and the outcomes are catastrophic. However, there is hope. Digital Forensics comes prepared and equipped with the knowledge and tools to combat this escalating threat.

How Is AI Being Used in Sextortion?

Sextortion isn’t new. The threat of exposing someone’s intimate photos [...]

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Moroccan Sextortion Scams: What To Do If You’re a Target

Morocco has been named as the world capital of sextortion. The increased use of the internet for person-to-person contact has provided Morocco with a means to target those abroad. 

Morocco itself appears to harbor a large number of sextortionists. This appears to be an issue of failure to arrest the individuals and the ease at which the criminals can access money through transfer agencies. 

Scammers seek the internet as a means to operate because they can hide behind layers of anonymity. Protective barriers of fake accounts, imitation, and deception allow an individual to operate almost anywhere. Their ability to target those living outside the country means they can [...]

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Hinge Sextortion: How To Deal With It and Stay Safe

Finding matches on dating apps like Hinge should ideally spark connections, not threats. Sadly, living in the 21st century means being exposed to increasingly more online scams, and dating apps like Hinge are not out of the reach of scammers. 

In fact, they’re a huge target for them. It all has to do with the user’s desire for real connections. This often causes us to drop our defenses, opening us up to a higher likelihood of falling for scams. 

If you’re currently in the middle of such a scam, know that help is all around. You just have to know where to look, so stay tuned to learn more.

What Is Hinge?

Hinge has been around for over a decade now, slowly building [...]

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