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Curb copyright infringement today

It is not always easy to keep one’s eye on the intellectual property all the time. This is especially true in the case of easily reproducible property such as text, music, software or some other medium that requires unsophisticated equipment to duplicate. Pictures, words, original creative works… with recent technological breakthroughs and our increasingly globalized economy, everything is fair game, and often there seems to be little or no recourse that an owner can take.

A very good example is the Internet. Once a relatively modest place where users had their personal homepages, budding storefronts and technology-related forums, the Internet has now been transformed into a global front for copyright infringement. Users have become acquainted with copying and pasting like the back of their hands. However, it does not stop there. The phenomenon has reached the extent at which many brand owners and owners of content are now being forced to employ ingenious ways to keep people from illegally making use of their original text and photos. Books are posted online in their entirety hours after being released. And let’s not forget the most widely-publicized method of infringement, the rampant copying and distributing of music, movies and software through use of file sharing networks and disc burning utilities. On the World Wide Web, copyright infringement is practically ubiquitous, and to those who develop the content in the first place, the effects can be quite detrimental. The very existence of copied content often leads to the dilution of brand appeal, reputation damage, and direct loss of revenue.

So what can be done to stem the ever-rising tide of infringement in this virtual (as well as the traditional brick-and-mortar) environment? The answer is CopyShield from Digital Forensics Corporation.

CopyShield is a unique copyright security service that is aimed at looking for places where material has been plagiarized and copyrights infringed both online and in the traditional media. It finds the plagiarizers and curbs their unauthorized activity. If you have concerns regarding about students freely copying work, or some unscrupulous individual stealing the content on your website. Or maybe you are worried about the unauthorized use of your original work, CopyShield can help protect your interests and keep your treasured intellectual property assets safely under lock.

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