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Digital Forensics Corporation is a company that has been around for some time now. Having amassed a wealth of experience by working with different customers at various levels and in various fields, we are now able to easily identify the tell-tale signs of product diversion and parallel trade. We also know the most common fields in which such unscrupulous practices most often occur: export sales, product promotions, excess merchandise “destruction” and charitable donations.

Stemming from our skill that we have accumulated over the years, we are able to quickly identify the different ways in which product diversion and parallel trade are being practiced in any particular case. We can trace every instance of such prohibited practices. Our qualified team of professionals are always ready to dig into all files and records thoroughly and in the shortest time possible. Our experts usually make comparisons with the original contracts, assess correspondence between the product manufacturer and distributors, as well as analyze bills of sale, shipping orders, bills of lading, warehouse receipts, and other transportation invoices.

Product diversion and parallel trade can only be possible through the involvement of someone within the legitimate distribution network, who can do this either intentionally or through improper conducting of work processes. We are able to form a network of informants who work in collaboration with undercover workers functioning as agents within the distribution channels. This tight-knit process will enable us to come up with information on how exactly the whole process is being implemented, and the best methods of curbing it. After this thorough analysis and detective work, we always document every result and finding. We then construct the most effective method to curb these activities.

We understand that the idea of increasing your company’s business activities to the international arena can be a very fulfilling thing. At the same time, we also know that this should be done with the utmost caution, because failure to properly secure products against criminal activity can lead to major losses of your expanding company. Questions that always arise in an entrepreneur’s mind when faced with such a scenario are: What are the necessary procedures to take when a foreign trader wants to be involved in the distribution of your products overseas? What information can you get, and how reliable will it be, on this prospective agent? What is the company’s track record in terms of business integrity? For instance, when a well-established product diverters often have companies that exist only on paper, and an investigation will reveal that they never own a single company. How do you avoid illegal product dealings by this prospective agent and, thus, ensure the safety of your product?

Digital Forensics Corporation plays a leading role on the world market in curbing product diversion. We have a team of very experienced and knowledgeable professionals who take on every painstaking task of investigating allegations of product diversion. By employing the use of our very modern and high-end software programs, for example, FERRET, our dedicated researchers can guarantee only the best results per your request. All the details regarding the way in which your product is handled by both internal subsidiaries and agents, all the names and contact details of the persons or companies involved, and all information on the channels being used to perpetrate such crimes, will all be made available to you at your discretion. Digital Forensics Corporation’s investigators and researchers shall be guarding your business operations from unscrupulous activities both at home and abroad.

We have a network of agents who are able to tell us about the details of product diversions in each particular case. They immediately inform us if they discover a suspected criminal activity that might be going on. We have come to understand that in the majority of cases, product diversion starts from the inside. Thieves begin with small unlawful acts, and our agents can be employed to quickly identify them and stop them before they commit further bigger crimes. We have laid-down procedures that we follow as soon as we discover some criminal activity taking place. At the same time, we will provide you with a team of expert witnesses to help you in any criminal investigations by law enforcement and the legal proceedings associated with them, so that all the perpetrators are caught by the long arm of the law, thus, preventing such acts from ever happening again in the future.

We are not limited to only this. At Digital Forensics Corporation, we provide you with preventive mechanisms to protect your product from being mishandled or diverted. We carry out thorough investigation of all documentation pertaining to business operations involving your product. We will ensure stronger cooperation between manufacturers and distributors by establishing binding contracts. We will also help educate all employees on the criminal nature of product diversion operations and the possible legal problems that are associated with its dealers.

Digital Forensics Corporation should be your first and only port of call when it comes to establishing long-lasting solutions to protect your company from having its products diverted. If you are interested in securing your business lines, or you would like to investigate certain shady deals being carried out using your products, contact us today, and we will secure your company’s future. We will ensure the delivery of your products according to your specified channels to your actual selected destinations. Not a single product shall be “lost” to an unknown port!

Some case studies

  • Let us consider a couple of very typical instances in which we were involved. One of our consumer manufacturers asked our team to check whether some unscrupulous deal was re-diverting their products to unintended market destinations. Our researchers immediately started conducting an in-depth investigation of the claim. As a result, they discovered that the international trading company that they were working with would re-channel their products after they had been dispatched from the United States. Part of the consignment was transported according to the laid-down procedures. The other part, however, was being shipped to ports that were not part of the system. We then compiled our results and presented them to the customer. They proceeded and annulled all their contracts with the help of agent and law enforcement, stopped their operations and recovered all their lost capital.
  • Another instance involved a manufacturer of pharmaceutical products who suspected that someone was illegally diverting their products to third world markets. A team from the Digital Forensics Corporation was employed with the purpose of deciphering the exact route through which the products were being taken all over the United States and then overseas. Initially, our team discovered a certain number of offers through their diverted wire. These offers were mainly focused on selling our client’s products at exorbitant prices. After conducting thorough examinations on the shipment info and checking the import-export operations of the company, our team discovered that the products had arrived at their original destination, the unscrupulous dealers would immediately re-route them to several other different destinations, most of which are located in developing countries. The middle agent would then prepare all the necessary documentation for the products arrived, but then ship them to unscheduled destinations for a profit. Our client was informed of these procedures and sought legal actions immediately.
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