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Lately, lots of stories about royalty scams and copyright infringements have been surfacing in the media. There are many stories about creative people who dedicate their time and efforts to create an original, great idea or product only to have it snatched away by some unscrupulous individuals. A large number of people had to sign away their rights to unimaginable fortunes simply because they failed to take the necessary steps to patent their ideas and products. Sadly, many firms do not emphasize on royalty auditing.

Digital Forensics Corporation is ready to protect your interests, regardless of whether you are presently bound to a royalty contract and are concerned about your compliance with the royalty provisions, or if you are still negotiating a new deal. We have highly qualified professional Royalty Auditors who can go with you the whole nine yards ensuring that you receive fair compensation amicably when recovering royalties.

Remember, details are extremely important when it comes to royalty audits. Over the years, we have encountered many cases where some miniature detail that had been either missed or ignored was responsible for substantial financial losses. Our Royalty Experts will assist in looking for, and dealing with, the problems associated with a thorough Royalty Audit, which includes the following procedures:

  • All aspects of your royalty agreement are thoroughly reviewed
  • The contract wording is analyzed to avoid misrepresentation
  • The terms of your contract are reviewed for fairness
  • Solutions are suggested taking into account your best interests

Our professional Royalty Auditors are well known globally for their high success rates in royalty recovery.

Digital Forensics Corporation has international offices and strategic alliances all over the world, eliminating the constraints associated with claims of royalty fraud worldwide. At Digital Forensics Corporation, we do everything we can to secure your interests and protect your intellectual property, thus making sure you get the royalty compliance and royalty earnings that you are supposed to get. Contact us by phone today, and we will help you start securing your future.

Case Studies

  1. A high-end tech-developer asked us to audit their royalty payments. No routine audit had been conducted in the space of two years. After requesting the financial records that were supposed to be supporting the payment our client received, we discovered that the payments were not based on revenues as required by the contract, but by liberal estimates favoring the licensee. After further analyzing the details, we discovered that many of the royalties that were supposed to be paid for overseas activity were never reported. However, we managed to recover more than a few million dollars for our client.
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