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Divorce, custody battles and other civil litigations can be tricky to navigate, but digital evidence unlocked from cell phones and computers can be the deciding factor in winning or losing. A private digital investigation can reveal that evidence, even if someone attempted to hide it, delete it or destroy the hard drive or phone. Digital Forensics Corp. offers state-of-the-art options for repair and recovery of damaged data.

  • RESOLVE FINANCIAL ISSUES: We can help settle division of marital assets and resolve alimony and child support disputes.
  • ADDRESS LIFESTYLE CONCERNS: Digital evidence can help evaluate the quality of life for children in a home or show that someone is unable to make responsible choices.
  • PROVE INFIDELITY: Our cell phone and automotive forensics experts can provide incontrovertible evidence.
  • PRESENT YOUR CASE: We uncover the evidence, and document it in a clear, precise report you can take to court.

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