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Evidence Beats Lies In Divorce Court

When it is your word against another’s, evidence wins the day

What You Need to Know Before Going to Court

We Help You Make Your Case

  • Go to court with compelling evidence to back up your word.
  • Deleted texts and emails reveal someone’s true character.
  • Work with an attorney who is expert in divorce cases and digital evidence.
  • Document the truth to assure proper alimony and fair distribution of marital assets.

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You Need More Than Your Word — You Need Evidence

Experienced family law and divorce attorneys know this hard truth: People lie, but digital evidence doesn’t. And without evidence, it’s just your word against someone else’s. How is the judge to know who is telling the truth?

A divorce trial can get very emotional, and very nasty. An angry spouse seeking to punish a soon-to-be ex might say anything. Don’t go to court assuming everything will be truthful and fair. Go into court with evidence.

It is crucial to have a verified timeline of facts, events, dates, times and the histories of the individuals involved. Digital Forensics Corp. will examine hard drives, smartphones and other electronic devices to find that evidence and document it all to help you achieve the best possible outcome in court.

DFC also can connect you with an expert divorce attorney who specializes in presenting digital evidence. Whether you are seeking fair custody arrangements, proper distribution of marital assets or trying to cut through an angry spouse’s lies and find the truth, it is important to rely on someone with the right experience and skills. That’s where we come in.

Digital Data Is The Solid Evidence You Need

Leveraging digital evidence such as deleted text messages, chats, emails, social media accounts, photos and more can tell a compelling story, illustrating someone’s true history and character.

DFC can find such evidence from hard drives, smartphones, tablets and more, even if evidence has been deleted or a device has been damaged.

Even old, abandoned devices often yield powerful evidence. DFC’s experts can help you find evidence you didn’t even know existed.

Cut Through All The Lies And Find The Truth

Is your spouse an abusive monster in real life who pretends to be saint in front of the judge? Do your spouse’s friends lie about you in court?

Digital evidence cuts right through all the smokescreens and gets to the real truth. Texts, images, emails, social media posts and more — can reveal someone’s true nature, and document marital assets. Our forensic examiners will dig into deleted messages and documents to unveil who is lying and who is telling the truth.

Don’t Gamble In Divorce Court

Whether the issue is parental judgement, moral character, proper allocation of assets or assessing fair alimony and child support, digital artifacts such as browsing history, GPS locations, stored photos or deleted text messages can settle matters once and for all.

Digital Forensics Corp. specializes in identifying and documenting such evidence.

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