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Electronically stored data discovery, preservation & imaging for litigation support

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Same-day ESI discovery & imaging from cell phones, hard drives and cloud-based accounts

Digital Forensics Corp. offers years of experience in legal consulting, case strategy and drafting motions involving digital evidence

  • Court-ordered forensic imaging
  • Metadata review
  • Cloud account extraction
  • Strategic case consultations

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Data acquisition can be performed remotely, or on-site

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Leverage the power of digital evidence

From private investigations to state and federal courtrooms, Digital Forensics Corporation specializes in identification and preservation of electronically stored information for use in legal proceedings.

  • Court-ordered forensic imaging
  • Data spoliation consulting
  • Strategic case consulting
  • Cloud account extraction
  • Metadata review
  • ESI evidence preservation
  • Cloud Based ESI Identification
  • ESI preservation

Electronically stored information, or ESI, is one of the most important types of evidence that can be used in any sort of investigation or court case. Digital Forensics Corporation offers more than 30 ESI-related services. Through our in-depth knowledge of processes and procedures for handling ESI, we can identify the most effective way to leverage digital evidence in your specific case.

Early in the investigation and discovery stage, it is vital to choose an expert who can help identify, extract and report on digital evidence. Identifying which systems and cloud-based accounts likely contain valuable evidence is just as vital. From social media to online storage accounts to workstations and cell phones, DFC does not overlook any detail - including metadata associated with electronically stored evidence. We can consult with you regarding potential phased discovery of ESI or document destruction policies or activities, such as on-going erasures of emails, voicemails, and other electronically-recorded material.

Our legal team can help consult and set a plan in motion to preserve digital evidence that is crucial in your case. We are able to customize our data acquisition process to adhere to the specifics of any court order, and we are certified to handle sensitive, private information in a secure manner. You can trust the experts at Digital Forensics Corporation to help you build a winning case.

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We have years of experience in handling digital evidence in criminal and civil proceedings


DFC provides extracted evidence in a format that can be easily searched and sorted, so attorneys can produce specific reports for presentation in court. Data can be provided on an external drive or via secure cloud-based portal.

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