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Subpoenas can pry digital evidence from giant tech companies

Subpoena power yields strong evidence.

Subpoena power yields strong evidence

Social media powerhouses and online service providers won’t give up information just because you ask. You need expert help.

DFC has years of experience in getting responses from mammoth tech companies. We can help you:

  • Determine the proper jurisdiction for initiating a case and obtaining subpoena power
  • Prepare documents in support of your subpoena request
  • Learn what kinds of digital evidence can best support your case

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We help you determine the right jurisdiction for your case, and obtain subpoena power.


Digital records from social media platforms and internet service providers can unmask anonymous users.


We help you discover what evidence is out there, and support your subpoena request with proper documentation.


We give you the help and tools you need in a court of law.


We offer immediate, 24/7 assistance from our expert team.

Leverage powerful digital evidence to win your day in court

Do you need to discover who is hiding behind a social media account or email address? Do you need compelling evidence for a court case involving cyber harassment, blackmail — almost any kind of case in which someone uses phony online accounts to commit crimes?

Getting information from giant tech companies such as Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Twitter is never easy. The information you need is sealed behind privacy rules detailed in the company’s lengthy terms and conditions. Social media platforms and internet service providers usually cite privacy concerns to deny routine requests about the people using their accounts, even when crimes are alleged.

Simply asking Instagram to hand over the evidence you need is not going to work.

The complex legal process is an obstacle, too. Filing a subpoena is not a simple, straightforward process. You must have a court case initiated in the proper jurisdiction in order to obtain subpoena authority.

DFC knows how to navigate through all that. We’ll work with your legal counsel to determine what kind of digital evidence is relevant to your case, and how to maneuver through the proper legal channels to obtain it. We’ll help you obtain subpoena power, serve the subpoena and enforce it.

Digital Forensics Corporation has years of experience in helping clients use subpoena power to obtain vital information such as IP addresses, user names, credentials used to establish an online account, times the user was online and much more —evidence that can be the turning point in civil and criminal cases of all kinds: cyberbullying, imposter accounts, blackmail, child custody, divorce and more.

Digital Forensics Corporation is not a legal firm, and we don’t offer legal advice. Our consultative services must be reviewed by the attorney of record for your case. But we will help you and your attorney understand what kinds of digital evidence may be available, and how to navigate the complicated world of tech company rules and court jurisdictions.

With our help, you will be able to present Facebook, Instagram or any other online company or cellular service provider with a properly prepared and documented subpoena that will get results. You’ll know what kind of evidence is out there, and how to obtain it.

What sets us apart

We specialize in tracking down online blackmailers, no matter where they are

How Digital Forensics Corp. Tracks Down Blackmailers

Criminals who harass, bully or blackmail their victims take great pains to hide their identities. They use anonymous social media accounts, hide behind false email addresses, pretend to be other people. But all online interactions leave digital footprints, and our expert digital forensic examiners know how to follow them. In many cases, our experts can track down the domains, service providers and IP addresses used to commit extortion, pinpointing the original source of the crime. That is solid evidence you can take to police, or to court.

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