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Lee Reiber’s Interview

Lee Reiber’s Interview

by Igor Mikhaylov2016-10-09

Lee Reiber has been involved in mobile forensic training, solutions, digital forensics and examinations for over 15 years. He incubated a small training company into one of the leading mobile forensic companies in the United States in which he became the executive in charge of mobile forensic software development and training. Oxygen was a valued partner. He quickly moved to Oxygen Forensic, Inc. COO.

Marketing plays a key role in every business.
Here at Oxygen Forensics they are still a small, customer oriented mobile forensic solution company delivering a high quality product. They had not previously realized a need for a marketing technology solution.
Their focus will always be our customers. They are known for our unparalleled customer support and experience that’s why their marketing technology decision will be based on supporting that model. Their main problem is a duplication of data
Lee Reiber tells about the massive explosion of MarTech cos across so many categories and future investment.

You can read about it here.

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