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Beware of Facebook Dating and WhatsApp Scams: Tips to Keep Yourself Safe

Beware of Facebook Dating and WhatsApp Scams: Tips to Keep Yourself Safe

Beware of Facebook Dating and WhatsApp Scams: Tips to Keep Yourself Safe

Facebook has recently added its take on online dating. The platform now offers users a space for individuals looking for love to connect. However, the popular platform is already familiar with sextortion scams, so is this new service beneficial? Or is it only making unsuspecting users more vulnerable to potential online dating scams? This blog will discuss how Facebook and WhatsApp are being used by scammers to create Facebook dating WhatsApp scams and are used to commit heinous cybercrimes.

What can a Facebook dating scammer do with my WhatsApp?

A Facebook scammer can do a lot with your WhatsApp. To carry out their plan of attack, they can influence you to share personal information about yourself that they haven’t already found through your Facebook profile, like your financial information, passwords, or worse.

With dating scams, these cyber criminals will persuade their victims to share intimate images and videos of themselves and claim that it’s just for “fun.” Since WhatsApp has features like disappearing messages, pictures, and videos, scammers will persuade them to share since they claim they won’t be able to save anything.

Unfortunately, that is a lie, and once a victim gives in and sends their sexual content, the scammer will secretly record or screenshot everything through third-party apps.

Then the consistent and harsh harassment will begin until a victim pays an outrageous ransom.

Your scammer can make frequent calls and texts through WhatsApp even if you block them.

These criminals have a long list of burner phone numbers they can use to stay on the app. Since most victims’ real phone numbers are linked to their WhatsApp accounts, the scammers can also move the harassment off the app and keep the calls and texts ongoing, making it a daily cycle of abuse.

Why do fake dating profiles want your WhatsApp number?

Facebook dating scammers have many different tactics to get as much information as possible from their victims.

First, it’s important to note that the scammer is profoundly diving into their victims’ profiles once the connection has started on Facebook. They are looking for their victims’ place of employment, community groups, hobbies, family members, and friends lists. This is to gather as much information as possible to use against their victims once they have content for blackmail.

In many cases, victims might not have their phone numbers available on their profiles. Knowing this, scammers will influence victims to move the conversation to WhatsApp. This benefits them because it gives them more access to the victim if they get blocked or reported on Facebook.

To avoid potentially having their profiles banned from harassment, scammers will also move the conversation to WhatsApp. Getting your account back from violating Facebook’s guidelines is more challenging than using a burner phone number and creating a new WhatsApp account. That said, a Facebook scammer can carry out their cyber-crimes through WhatsApp as they do on Facebook. The

positive is that they now have their victims’ phone numbers and can call, text, and harass them for as long as they want.

Avoid Dating Scams on Facebook and WhatsApp

Falling victim to a scam can be emotionally and financially damaging, so you need to safeguard yourself when using these popular platforms for dating.

While most communication on Facebook and WhatsApp is reputable, remember to always do some research before getting involved with someone.

Check out if the person has any suspicious activity associated with their profile. Remember never to send money or sensitive information over the internet; if someone claims they need money or your banking details, be aware that they are likely trying to scam you.


Dating is about having fun, but it’s important to be aware of scams and know when to take extra care.

Remember that Facebook dating WhatsApp scams exist; the most important thing is keeping your personal information safe.

Be sure to report any suspicious activities or if you feel like a victim of such scams.

Thinking twice before sharing anything on social media or with someone you don’t know well is better.

Last but not least, remember that blackmail is real, and it can cause serious consequences.

Don’t hesitate to ask for help in difficult situations – talking things through with somebody close or professional support may make all the difference. Take precautions, and remember that open communication and empowerment are the best ways to approach dating! Follow these guidelines to keep yourself safer online! If you need expert help to stop sextortion – contact our sextortion helpline 24/7

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