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Swipe Left on Dating App Scams: How to Stay Safe

Swipe Left on Dating App Scams: How to Stay Safe

Online dating is a great way to connect with people, but it is essential to know about the scams circulating on popular dating applications. While the vast majority of people using dating apps are honest and genuine, some use them as an opportunity for fraud. Keep reading for more information on how to stay safe and avoid dating app scams.

Types of Dating App Scams

Unfortunately, there are many different types of dating app scams that take advantage of unsuspecting victims.

Romance Scams

The most common type of dating scam is “romance scam,” where someone will create a fake profile and pretend to be interested in you in order to gain your trust. They may even send money or gifts to build a relationship with you before asking for money or personal information. If something seems too good to be true, it probably is—do not fall victim to these scammers!


Another type of dating scam is called “catfishing,” where someone creates a fake profile using stolen photos or false information. These accounts are used for many reasons, like financial gain or personal fulfillment.

Internet Sextortion

Online sextortion is when someone attempts to blackmail you by threatening to share intimate photos or videos of you if you do not send them money or other items of value. This type of scam can be incredibly emotionally and financially damaging, so always practicing caution when engaging in conversations online is important.


Finally, phishing scams involve sending messages that contain malicious links that lead to malware downloads or requests for personal information such as usernames and passwords. Be sure to visit legitimate websites and always double-check the URL before clicking any email links!

How to Spot a Dating App Scam?

The best way to avoid getting scammed on a dating app is by being aware of the warning signs that could indicate something is amiss.

  1. First, be on the lookout. If someone constantly asks for money or favors without ever meeting up with you, this could be a sign that they are not who they claim to be.
  2. Next, if someone insists on moving the communication of the dating application right away, this is a huge red flag. Scammers move platforms so dating applications cannot track their moves.
  3. Finally, watch out for suspiciously perfect profiles — scammers often use stolen images or information to create a façade to trick potential daters.

In order to avoid heartache and financial peril, it is crucial that you spot these dating app scams when you look for love online.

What to Do if You Encounter a Dating App Scam?

If you find yourself being targeted by a scammer on a dating app, do not panic! The best thing you can do is report the person immediately so that other users do not become their next victim. Additionally, if they have asked for any financial information or payments from you, contact your bank or credit card company right away to ensure that no unauthorized transactions take place on your account. Finally, consider talking with someone close such as friends and family, so that they can help provide support during this difficult time.


No one wants their online dating experience ruined by scammers looking for an easy mark — so it pays off big time when you know how dating scams work and what steps you can take to protect yourself online! By being aware of the warning signs and reporting suspicious activity quickly, you can help ensure everyone has an enjoyable experience using these apps!

If you or someone you know is encountering a dating app scam, contact Digital Forensics sextortion helpline immediately! Our Cyber Investigators are prepped to identify and track these cybercriminals so you do not have to. So, remember: always swipe left on a scammer—it could save your wallet (and heart) from serious trouble!

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