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All about Lazarus Group

All about Lazarus Group

by Igor Mikhaylov2017-12-20

A group of researchers discovered several multi-stage attacks that use bait associated with crypto-currency to infect victims with complex backdoors and scan malware.

Researchers from the security firm Proofpoint published a new report, which provides a brief description of the events associated with malicious activity. Further, Darien Huss describes the various which Lazarus Group used to infect the victims of PowerRatankba and details the internal work of PowerRatankba.

The conclusion will be about a new and emerging threat aimed at the South Korean trade industry, which called RatankbaPOS.

More detailed information on the new malicious campaigns conducted by Lazarus Group can be found in the in-depth report [PDF], entitled “North Korea Bitten by the Bitco-Error.” Preventive campaigns with financial motivation show a new dimension of the Lazarus group.


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