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Good news for RIFF JTAG Box Users

Good news for RIFF JTAG Box Users

by Igor Mikhaylov2016-04-16

If you are a RIFF JTAG box user, you now have the ability to upgrade the tool for the ISP/Direct eMMC process with a simple upgrade to the software/firmware. Please review the information below to see the new functionality and how to get this upgrade.






eMMC activation allows you to program eMMC (embedded Multi-Media Controller) on various brands and types of smart phones and tablets.


Also your Riff box support will be extended for a period of 1 year.


Here are some eMMC activation key features:


  • direct eMMC Access Interface on the RIFFBOX RJ-45 port (check pinout picture for CMD, CLK, DAT0, etc. pins positions).
  • eMMC/SD Access page for Read/Write operations on eMMC/SD card via direct interface
  • eMMC/SD Advanced dialog which allows to perform advanced operations with eMMC/SD cards
  • (reading info, browsing through OCR, CID, CSD (and EXT_CSD for eMMC only) registers’ fields, edit separate fields and writing back to card, reading/writing eMMC card’s MCU’s internal firmware, etc.)
  • convenient information presentation for specific eMMC chips: pinouts for test points, manuals how to use test points to resurrect dead eMMC, etc.). These INFO files (*.riff info) are stored in JTAG Manager’s Documents folder and can be downloaded via generic
  • eMMC Firmware Update option
  • eMMC Firmware Reading option (firmware is stored in *.riffemmcfw format)
  • For firmware read need to select chip from the list
  • *.riffemmcfw eMMC firmware files are now used by RIFF for firmware updates (plain binary files are supported too)
  • elapsed time info for eMMC firmware update stages
  • eMMC Test point info displaying (info files must be downloaded from support and are located in the JTAG Manager’s ‘Documents’ folder. CMD42 Lock/Unlock functionality for eMMC. User can set/change/remove password to protect/unprotect (lock/unlock) the User Area Partition the User Area Partition Forced Erase to erase Locked User Area Partition and to reset Device lock/unlock state and password (CMD42’s consequences)
  • Samsung Factory Erase which erases and re-formats the Samsung eMMC chips.
  • Program eMMC chip memory
  • Update Riff Box firmware
  • Access Riff files download servers
  • Access to Riff box support forums


Firmware 1.38

  • added direct eMMC Access Interface functionality
  • improved one thing in the emmc communication
  • added the CMD42 Lock/Unlock/Pasword reset features
  • added Forced erase of locked User Area Partition
  • added Samsung eMMC Factory Formwat
  • fixed bug for SD card support
  • eMMC firmware update feature added

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