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More than 86 percent of world’s iPhones can be hacked

More than 86 percent of world’s iPhones can be hacked

by Igor Mikhaylov2016-11-11

More than 86% of iPhones can be compromised by data web and mobile analytics firm MihPanel.

Many users have not upgraded mobile operating system iphone despite the urgent warning from Apple.


The Company Apple has been forced to correct in iOS 9.3. because of attacks by hackers.

According to the report MihPane, l dividing version of IOS software people use to upload their applications, more than 86 percent of iOS users are still vulnerable to a malicious tool called “Pegasus,” an impossible-to-detect software that can hack an iPhone using nothing more than a text message.

Researchers Bill Marczak and John Scott-Railton of the Citizen Lab, together with Lookout Security discovered the flaw that allows an attacker to install the sophisticated tools of espionage, which can activate the camera and the human microphone, track their movements and record all messages.

They called it a “Trident,” since it used three “zero-day” vulnerabilities.
The researchers reported a lack of the company, which in turn issued an emergency update to iOS.

In this regard, the company asks its users to upgrade to the new version of the iOS from Apple 9.3.5, which will not be vulnerable to this issue.

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