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Top Quotes from “Mr. Robot”

Top Quotes from “Mr. Robot”

by Igor Mikhaylov2017-01-23

Many are already familiar with the television series “Mr Robot”. The story of a young programmer Elliot suffering from antisocial personality disorder, a security engineer by day and by night a hacker. Thus, it appears quickly in a place where the interests of his employer – a company engaged in cyber security – and underground organizations that are trying to recruit him for the purpose of the collapse of the most powerful US corporations. In the television series set of lines that are of particular importance for the SOC managers.


1. “We are at war.”
You can be successful in repelling the attack, but the attackers will return. Because the war never ends.


2. “Control is an illusion.”
You can not control your corporate network or hackers.


3. “No one is immune.”
Some managers SOC fall into a false sense of security, believing that hackers are not interested in their organization.


4. “And, unfortunately, we are all human.”
People make mistakes. Nobody is perfect, and with a huge number of variables that SOC managers must consider the chances are high that something will be missed, sooner or later.


5. “The lesions may still be profitable.”
Sometimes, despite your best efforts and vigilance, hackers will succeed. When this happens, use the experience to improve response procedures.


6. “The Devil is the strongest, while you were distracted.”
Today’s hackers have a top-notch skills. Simulation of a single type of attack to distract while they make a much more devastating attack well within his abilities.


7. “Python approach: a lie and wait for the right moment to strike.”
As predators, pythons amazingly patient. There are some hackers with infinite patience, as well. Organizations may be ticking time bombs in their systems, but do not know that they have been hacked, because the triggering event has not yet occurred.


8. “The devil you know is better than the devil do not need.”
It is always better to deal with someone or something that is known, and not have to deal with strangers. Managers often SOC aware of identified vulnerabilities that hackers exploit and various methods that they use to a security breach. Putting oneself in the shoes of a hacker can lead to knowledge that can be used to ward off attackers.


9. “Are you one or a zero?”
Mr. Robot asks this question when he is faced with Elliot about his indecision to join the hacktivists. As the SOC Manager, you must be willing to do what it takes to protect your organization instead of using a “wait and see”?



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