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Evolution of cybersecurity

Evolution of cybersecurity

by Igor Mikhaylov2016-12-30

The word “cybersecurity” in recent years increasingly sounds. Singapore is one of the first places on the cyber-attacks. 2015 is not particularly distinguished and 2016 from each other, so as Singapore was faced with more than 1 million web attacks.


Many of these attacks were not unprecedented. The method goes beyond firewalls and antivirus software. They include internet surfing separation, or “air gapping” – the disconnection of some or all critical networks and systems from the wider internet, as what the civil service will practice from May next year.


Another approach that has emerged recently is the creation of cyber-ranges – part of the digital battlefield. Through the enactment of various cyber-attack scenarios modeled after attack methods and patterns both past and projected, organizations can test how their cyber infrastructure responds. Such an environment allows organizations to test plans for continued operations during and after an attack – a more progressive approach to cybersecurity according to cybersecurity firm Quann’s Managing Director Foo Siang-tse.


The shortage of qualified staff remains a problem for the cybersecurity industry both worldwide and in Singapore. The Strategy Singapore’s Cyber Security, launched in October of this year, aimed at strengthening human resources. This program plans to develop cybersecurity pipeline of innovation and knowledge, as well as strengthening partnerships with international organizations.


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