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How to Recover Files from XFS File Systems

How to Recover Files from XFS File Systems

by Igor Mikhaylov2017-03-24

The company Salvation Data published an article on the restoration of files from XFS file systems. XFS is a 64-bit high-performance file system developed by Silicon Graphics Inc. in the early 1990s. XFS differs from other file systems in that it was originally designed for use on large volumes. XFS support was included in the Linux kernel versions 2.4 and 2.6, and thus it became quite universal for Linux systems. The advantage is guaranteed consistency of the file system and accelerated recovery in the event of power failure or system failure.


This article also discussed issues related to data storage and how to recover fragmented files. The process of fragmented files recovery based on XFS file system includes the following steps:

1. Load and parse disc sector information;
2. Match File List Structure;
3. Parse file list structure;
4. Reorganize into New Files;
5. Access Address Data of the Corresponding Block;
6. Traverse All Hard Drive Sectors.

In conclusion, we would like to note that specialists in data recovery from the key introduced a method that can be used to implement the reorganization and data recovery using video data deleted based on the XFS file system. This method is currently used in products such as DRS data recovery system and VIP video forensics system developed by SalvationDATA. VIP (Video Investigation Portable) is a forensically sound system for video extraction, recovery and analysis from CCTV DVRs of video surveillance system during investigations. With these features, VIP could help you quickly extract video clips from video surveillance system; automatically receive video evidence from abundant video clips; Successfully access encrypted or deleted.
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