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Forensic analysis techniques for digital imaging

Forensic analysis techniques for digital imaging

by Igor Mikhaylov2017-01-14

At last month’s Congresses Computer security researchers presented their work in the different areas of security. During the participation of José Miguel Gálvez provided Balthazar study entitled ‘The identification primary source digital image. ”


Electronic devices are increasingly embedded in our lives, which is a strong impetus for the development of a technical profile of digital forensics. In this area, now increasingly difficult to image manipulation tools are available, so the main task facing the analyst – is to determine the origin of digital photography, a specific brand, model, etc.

In connection with the EIM study conducted by Balthazar, focused on the development of standard operating procedures for proxy authentication source image using the three methods. As part of its report, José Miguel has provided a tool for automatic comparison of metadata and the quantization matrices. At the end of his speech the author of the study recommended expanding the scope of existing methods and the development of new methods for the analysis in this area.



A more detailed description of the study José Miguel Balthasar Galvez you can find here.

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