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Get more info about iOS Lockdown Records

Get more info about iOS Lockdown Records

by Igor Mikhaylov2016-11-26

Apple has continued to prevent the jailbreak iOS. Apple has tightened security in iOS 10, but not encrypted iOS kernel of 10. Leaving his unencrypted company was able to optimize operating system performance, without causing damage security. As the third-party experts, an unencrypted kernel increases the possibility of developing the jailbreak for iOS 10.


Earlier we talked about how to extract data from the passcode-locked the IOS device. Recently published iOS 10. Oleg Afonin tested whether this functionality in the new operating system iOS devices.


He obtained the following results in his investigation:
• this method also works for iOS 10;
• the files are on similar paths;
• lockdown records have a limited lifetime;
However using lockdown Records can unlock a locked iPhone without even knowing their password. Unfortunately, these files have a limited shelf life, after which they will not help.



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