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How to Handle Blackmail?

How to Handle Blackmail?

How to Handle Blackmail?

Blackmail is something few people will be able to say they know how to handle. This is unfortunate since it’s something most people should be aware of in this digital age. The internet is filled with hackers, and other types of cybercriminals waiting to get a hold of your personal information to use for scams such as online blackmail. If you are currently a victim of blackmail and need assistance on where to start to overcome this type of crime, read on for tips.

What Does Blackmailing Mean?

Being blackmailed means that someone has obtained sensitive information about you and is planning to expose said content to the public if they are not compensated in some way. The purpose is to threaten to publicly humiliate or destroy a person’s reputation to get what they want even if the information they threaten to expose is a lie. A person could be blackmailed with numerous things such as explicit images and or videos, affairs, confidential employment information, etc. Blackmail (or aka online sextortion) can have devastating consequences for victims. Families, and friends, could be ripped apart. A person could lose their place of employment or be falsely accused of something they did not commit.

How to Get Out of a Blackmail Situation?

The proper way of handling blackmail is to report the crime and have authorities interfere. Most victims try to keep the crime hidden from loved ones out of fear or even embarrassment. However, keeping quiet will only make things worse. The bottom line is that whatever you are being blackmailed with is not worth suffering in silence and giving in to the demands of your blackmailer. You also have to bear in mind that there is no guarantee that once you give them what they are asking for they will delete what they have. This is because they may not disappear. Blackmail is typically a cycle of abuse that consists of your blackmailer coming back with more demands. It also consists of them selling your content to other criminals to carry out the abuse.

So, what you can and should do instead is avoid giving in to the demands of your blackmailer. Stall them for as long as you can, and make sure to document as much of the blackmail as possible. This is so that you have proof that you are the victim in this situation and are the target of the blackmail. It’s helpful to take screenshots of emails, numbers, calls, photos, and anything else that can help authorities once you report the crime.

How to Protect Yourself from Blackmail in the Future

The best way to protect yourself from becoming a victim of blackmail is by not giving out any personal information over the internet or through email correspondence with strangers. Additionally, it’s important to make sure that your computer has up-to-date security software installed on it so hackers cannot access your online accounts and steal your identity or personal data. It’s also wise to avoid responding to emails or letters from unknown senders as these could potentially be attempts at blackmailing you. Lastly, if someone does make threats against you then contact law enforcement right away so they can investigate further and help protect you from becoming a victim of extortion.


Blackmail is a serious crime that can have lasting effects on the victim. If you are being blackmailed, it’s important to take action right away and get the authorities involved. Unlike victims, they know how to handle blackmail and will be able to help put an end to the harassment. In addition, be sure to protect yourself from future attacks by implementing strong security software on your devices. We can help you overcome this traumatic crime, so don’t hesitate to call us today! Contact Our Blackmail Helpline. We can help you with different types of blackmail, no matter where did it happened to you: blackmail on facebook, instagram blackmail, snapchat blackmail etc.

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