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How to Report Blackmail on Kik?

How to Report Blackmail on Kik?

Kik messenger, commonly known as Kik is a free instant messaging app that has successfully reeled in 2.5 million users worldwide. That being said, not every user of the platform is going to use the app with good intentions. Many victims of blackmail have reported they were contacted by a stranger from Kik or the blackmail started on a different platform and continued on Kik. If you are a victim of blackmail on Kik, keep reading to find out what steps How to Report Blackmail on Kik?

Do blackmailers follow through on Kik?

The question of whether blackmailers follow through is on every victim’s mind. Are your nudes and videos going to be exposed to the world? Or are these criminals just pulling your leg to milk you out of your money? Well, the answer to that question is a little complicated. Everything depends on the type of blackmailer you are dealing with. The way these criminals work to obtain victims content to blackmail them is similar but whether they follow through on their threats of exposure depends on the blackmailer. You could either be dealing with someone who is just trying to scare you into sending money or someone who isn’t scared of the consequences of online blackmail and will not hesitate to expose their victim if they don’t get exactly what they want. Either way, it is not smart for you to wait around and find out if their threats are true or not. The minute you start to be harassed and threatened is when you should reach out for help and report the blackmail to authorities.

Is it possible to find a blackmailer on Kik?


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If your blackmailer is using Kik to carry out their scheme, it’s likely, you don’t know their identity. This is one of the main reasons blackmailers use Kik to carry out blackmail. They use fake phone numbers also known as burner numbers to disguise themselves along with using fake photos, names, emails, and anything else they can use to hide their true identity. Knowing these circumstances, it can be difficult to find out who this person is and where they are located. This is where we come in and can help locate these criminals by embedding tracking links that are disguised as anything that could lure the blackmailer to click. Once we obtain a click, we obtain an IP address, location, device, and much more.

How to Report Blackmail on Kik?

It is fairly simple for users to report any type of abuse they might come across while using Kik. If you receive unwanted messages from someone, you have the option to ‘Report’ the user. When you report a user using the in-app reporting feature, you can choose to include your chat history with that person and we recommend you do so. Report a user by following the steps below: With messages from the person in the chat: 1. In the chat, tap their profile picture *If you’re on an iOS device, you can also press and hold on the chat bubble you wish to report Without messages from the person in the chat: 1. In the chat, tap the Display Name > at the top of the chat 2. Tap the three vertical dots icon in the top right corner of the Info screen Then: 1. Tap Report User 2. Choose from the following: · I don’t want to talk to them · This is a spam bot · This person is being abusive 3. You can check off/on the option to include the chat history in your report 4. Tap Report and Block Conclusions Experiencing blackmail on Kik can be a very scary and traumatic experience! However, there are ways you can put an end to the blackmail and gain peace back into your life. If you are a victim do not hesitate to reach out for help as soon as you can! Reporting the blackmailer is a good first step but we recommend including the authorities and experts to make sure the blackmail ends for good. Contact Our Blackmail Helpline For Expert Help 24/7

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