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How to Stop Blackmail on WhatsApp?

How to Stop Blackmail on WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is used by millions of people from all parts of the world. Some use the app to stay in touch with family and loved ones who live abroad, while others exploit it for more sinister purposes. Following the advancement of technology, blackmailers are at an all-time high and are targeting social media platforms such as WhatsApp. If you are a victim or know someone who is, read on to find out how to stop blackmail on WhatsApp and tips on protecting yourself from it happening.

Is WhatsApp Blackmail Real?

Blackmail on WhatsApp is very real and it claims hundreds if not thousands of victims daily. The type of blackmail that occurs on the platform the most is sextortion. To better understand what this means we will delve into detail about this popular scam. For starters, online sextortion is when a person is coerced and manipulated into sending explicit content of themselves. This content will then be blackmailed and threatened with exposure if they do not provide money or even more sexual favors.

When it comes to sextortion on WhatsApp, the blackmail typically doesn’t start on the app itself. Blackmailers or in this case sextortionists find the biggest success when they hide their identity behind a fake profile such as a Facebook account.

Flirtatious talk will entice their victims, who will be asked to move to other platforms to continue the relationship and ultimately obtain explicit content. But why choose WhatsApp to carry out their scam?

Well, firstly the blackmailers have gained access to your phone number which permits them to reach you without any trouble. In the case of a person reporting and blocking a suspect, they can just reach out through an additional burner phone number and the harassment will continue and turn into an endless cycle of texts and calls. Secondly, the app also allows people from all parts of the world to text and call each other without any cost. This also allows scammers from all parts of the world the ability to carry out their crimes with ease and less fear of getting caught.

How to Protect Yourself?

The best way to protect yourself from being targeted by a blackmailer on WhatsApp is by being aware of what kind of personal information you share online. Be sure never to share anything with someone who you don’t know personally or trust completely; even if they seem legitimate at first glance, they could be trying to gather data for their own malicious purposes. Additionally, make sure your security settings are up-to-date so that only people you know can see your posts and private messages; this will reduce your chances of becoming a victim of blackmail or other types of cybercrime.

How To Stop Blackmail on WhatsApp?


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The best way to protect yourself from WhatsApp blackmailers is by being vigilant about who you communicate with on the platform and what information you share. Here are some tips for doing so:

• Don’t accept friend requests from people you don’t know in real life. If someone contacts you out of the blue asking for personal information, chances are they have ill intentions. • Be wary of any requests for photos or videos; these can easily be used against you if they fall into the wrong hands.

Don’t send anything that could potentially be embarrassing or incriminating later on down the line.

• If someone does manage to get something compromising from you, don’t give in to their threats! The best course of action is to immediately report them to the police and block them on all your social media accounts.

• Finally, make sure that your profile settings are secure and private; this will help ensure that only trusted contacts can access your account and view your content—and hopefully keep any potential blackmailers at bay!



WhatsApp has become an integral part of our lives due to its convenience and user-friendly design, but it also presents risks when it comes to online extortionists who use its platform as a means of getting what they want out of unsuspecting victims. However, by following our tips above and taking extra precautions when engaging with people online, we can all learn how to stop blackmail on WhatsApp and protect ourselves from potential blackmailers that might come in the future. Report Online Blackmail to Our Blackmail Helpline. We Can Help You With Blackmail On Whatsapp, Facebook Blackmail, Instagram Blackmail

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