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How to Stop Someone from Blackmailing you on Instagram?

How to Stop Someone from Blackmailing you on Instagram?

How to Stop Someone from Blackmailing you on Instagram?

Protecting your online security and privacy can often feel like a daunting task, especially when it comes to the world of social media Blackmail. With information constantly being shared in an instant, you must know how this type of threat works and understand available preventative measures. If someone is trying to blackmail you through Instagram – have no fear! We’ve got all the essential tips to help you learn how to stop someone from blackmailing you on Instagram.

What To Do When Blackmailed on Instagram?

Once you have become a victim of online blackmail on Instagram, it’s important to act fast. Most victims understandably do not know how to handle such a crime and tend to make the wrong choices. Here are some helpful tips you can use to tackle this type of crime.

  1. Do not pay. Avoid giving in to the demands of your blackmailer whether that be sending money or any other damaging information. Doing so will only encourage them to keep taking from you. This will not make it end but only continue.
  2. Lock it down. Make sure to secure your Instagram account and make it as private as possible. This will help limit the information your blackmailer can use against you.
  3. Documenting the entirety of the harassment or as much as you can be extremely beneficial for an investigation. Make sure to take screenshots of names, phone numbers, emails, etc. Anything will help.
  4. Report it to Instagram. Instagram is aware of the ongoing issue of blackmail and other cybercrimes occurring on its platform. Make sure to report your blackmailer’s account and their threatening messages so that Instagram can take appropriate action.
  5. Tell someone. Dealing with blackmail can be hard to handle alone. Getting support from people you can trust will assist you in overcoming this harmful crime.

How To Stop Someone from Blackmailing You on Instagram?

The best way to ensure that someone will stop blackmailing you is to involve the authorities. Blackmail is a very serious crime and it needs to be handled by experts. Cybercriminals are very good at what they do which makes it hard for victims to handle it all on their own.

That being said, on top of implementing the tips we have given above, you should also make it a priority to involve the police. We also recommend contacting cybersecurity experts who have handled such cases. This will ensure that you are receiving the best possible help to put an end to this difficult situation.

How to Report Someone for It?

When reporting abuse on Instagram follow these simple steps.

How to report a post through Feed:

  1. Click the three dots in the top right of the post.
  2. Select Report and follow the on-screen instructions.

How to report someone through their profile:

  1. Click their username from their feed or story post, or click on the search engine to look up their username to go to their profile.
  2. Click the three dots next to their username.
  3. Select Report, then select the type of account you want to report and follow the on-screen instructions.

You can also report the crime to us, here at Digital Forensics. We are experts in handling such cases and are available 24/7 to start a case. Give us a call today, or chat with one of our online representatives to get started.


It’s important to be aware of the risks that come with using social media, and learn how to remain safe when a situation around blackmail arises. We must come together as a community and not stand idly by if we suspect even the slightest bit of blackmail on Instagram.

That is why reporting the crime to authorities and cybersecurity experts is so vital; it ensures justice can be served. So, if you know someone who needs help or you’re dealing with blackmail on Instagram yourself, make sure to lock down your social media accounts as much as possible and reach out for help right away. Everyone should make sure they’re educated on learning how to stop someone from blackmailing them on Instagram. Speak up and take back control of your digital security!

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