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Tips on Identifying Your Blackmailers Location – Philippines Sextortion

Tips on Identifying Your Blackmailers Location – Philippines Sextortion

As if the stress of online blackmail wasn’t enough, finding and identifying your blackmailer can seem impossible. Especially when they are located in a foreign country like the Philippines. Faced with Philippines Sextortion? In this blog post, we will discuss Our Tips.

With the right tools and information, it is possible to locate your blackmailer and put an end to their reign of terror. 

Identify Philippines Sextortion – The Approach

It would be hard to imagine a more chilling experience than being targeted by sextortionists. They are well trained in their schemes. Also they have formed an effective strategy that is paying off with thousands or even millions of dollars for them personally.

One of the most frightening aspects about this cybercrime isn’t knowing who is behind that screen – could it possibly be someone close? Is he/she some dangerous criminal that can come and find you?

Being left in the unknown can drive anyone mad. While some of these criminals have been successful in concealing their identities, specialists have a higher chance of finding specific perpetrators due to their well-rehearsed attacks. The general tactic that sextortionists tend to use is one where they will reach out via social media, usually starting a conversation about common interests before seamlessly transitioning into requesting naked photos or videos.

Victims often wonder why they were targeted. To answer that question simply, it was because you engaged with the criminals. It’s important to know that these criminals view anyone who will respond to their messages and engage in conversation as a target. It’s important to know that this isn’t your fault, it is understandable to want to engage with new people online and potentially make new friends or even a romantic partner.

Tips on Identifying Your Blackmailers Location

Following the exchange of explicit content and threats, there are some repetitive strategies that can provide telltale signs that your blackmailer may be in the Philippines.

The following are nine examples of those strategies:

  • All Caps

Sextortionists from The Philippines love to use all caps when explaining their demands and harassing you. This is a tactic they use to show how serious they are.

  • Proof of Deletion

Suspects will promise to send the client video proof that their content has been deleted once the victim pays up, which is usually a lie. They only say this to persuade the victim to pay.

  • Constant Check-ins

If you have established a deadline to pay with these criminals, they will usually ask you to check in with them everyday throughout the day.

  • Ask if you’ve eaten

This may seem strange but these suspects tend to chat with their victims as if they aren’t committing an illegal crime. Once you check in with them, they will ask what you have done throughout the day and if and what you have eaten.

  • Form of Payment

 When it comes to The Philippines, they ask for specific methods of payments, those include:

    1. Western Union
    2. World Remit
    3. Ria
    4. PayPal


  • Photoshop

These criminals are also big fans of creating photoshopped images of your content being exposed. They typically threaten to post your content on YouTube or on adult websites and provide photoshopped images of your content on the website, or provide a link to their YouTube account and claim that your video is on private mode.

  • Phone Number

 A lot of these suspects will meet their victims on dating sites then transition the communication over to text. It’s important to keep an eye on their phone number. If you are messaging a phone number with the country code +63, you will know you are dealing with someone from The Philippines.

  • Sick Relatives

 Just like Ivory Coast suspects, these criminals will claim to have a sick relative in the hospital, and they need money to help pay their bills. They will force you to send money to their ‘doctor’

  • Platforms

Following the same strategy as other sextortion groups.  Philippine suspects, focusing on platforms such as

    1. Skype (sextortion on skype)
    2. Ashley Madison
    3. Instagram (sextortion on instagram)
    4. Line

How to deal with sextortion

Sextortion is a difficult issue to deal with. But by being aware of the dangers and taking some simple precautions, you can make it much harder for criminals to harass or blackmail you. It’s important to keep strong privacy settings. Also, Be cautious about the information or content you share with strangers online.

If you experience sextortion, please seek professional help right away. We are among the many cyber-crime specialists that are available to you. Give us a call or chat with us online so we can to help you get through this tough time. We know how to deal with sextortion

Now you know how to identify Philippines Sextortion.  If your blackmailer isn’t from Philippines, consider reading article about Ivory Coast Sextortion


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