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What to do if someone is blackmailing you on Snapchat

What to do if someone is blackmailing you on Snapchat

Snapchat is one of the many social media platforms cybercriminals are using to blackmail thousands of unsuspecting victims. The app is known for sharing photos and videos between friends and loved ones; however, blackmailers are using it to their advantage and manipulating victims to send sexually explicit content to then use for blackmail. Read on to find out what to do if someone is blackmailing you on Snapchat.

What is Snapchat Blackmail?

Snapchat blackmail entails cybercriminals creating a fake Snapchat account to reach out to unsuspecting victims. They use flirtation and manipulation to get their victims to send them nude photos and videos of themselves with the promise of them exchanging some back. This is when the blackmailer secretly screenshots or screen-records their victims’ nudity and threatens to expose them online to their family and friends if they do not pay a ransom.

To get their victims to comply and send money. The blackmailer will begin to use scare tactics that consist of screenshots of all of their friends and family’s social media accounts, proving they know who they are and will send them their content if not paid. Some blackmailers even go to lengths of finding their victim’s jobs and other community groups they are a part of and threaten to send their content to them.

Snapchat blackmailers have a way of isolating their victims and forcing them to believe they have no way out of the situation unless they pay up, and many times, once they do pay, the vicious cycle continues. The blackmailer will consistently claim that the amount they sent isn’t enough and will keep demanding more. There are many cases of victims taking out loans and going into debt.

Can Someone Blackmail You on Snapchat and Why?

Yes, it’s, unfortunately, reasonably easy for blackmailers to lure potential victims through Snapchat. The platform allows them to disguise their identity through an avatar which allows them to disguise their identity. The platform also doesn’t let people share much about themselves in their bio or have a space to keep photos of themselves up like Facebook or Instagram, giving these criminals less work to keep up their façade.

Most importantly, the platform’s purpose is to send photos and videos to one another. This makes it incredibly easy to manipulate someone to send a risqué photo or video of themselves and push further for more explicit content.

What To Do If Someone Is Blackmailing You on Snapchat?

If you are a victim of blackmail on Snapchat, you have options available to you! Do not let your blackmailer imbed the idea that you have no way out. Here are some tips you can implement in your plan of action.

· Document the threats and any other telling information, including names, phone numbers, emails, etc. This will help with an investigation once you report the crime to the authorities.

· Do not give in to the demands. Once you prove to these criminals that their threats are working, they will keep coming back for more money.

· Report their Snapchat account and any of their abusive and threatening messages.

· Lock down all your social media accounts besides Snapchat and avoid accepting any new friend requests. These criminals use dozens of different accounts to keep tabs on their victims.

· Confide in family and friends. Online blackmail of a sexual nature is highly traumatic. Support can help keep you calm and collected and avoid rash decisions.

· Report the crime to the authorities, the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center, and cyber investigators.

How to Deal with Snapchat Blackmail?

The best way to deal with Snapchat blackmail and these terrible cybercriminals is to involve professionals and cybercrime experts—blackmail and, in this case, sextortion is not something that just anyone knows how to handle. Don’t try to take on the burden; instead, confide in resources with expertise in crimes such as these.


Now that you know what to do if someone is blackmailing you with photos on Snapchat, don’t be afraid to take charge and fight back against your blackmailer! Snapchat blackmail is a serious crime, and it comes with legal consequences!

In your plan of action, remember to document the threats, avoid giving in to their demands, report blackmail on Snapchat and lock down your socials, confide in your family and friends, and report the crime to the authorities. You are not alone in this; there is always a way out! Be safe out there!


Q: Do Snapchat Blackmailers Follow Through?

A: Most Snapchat blackmailers will not hesitate to follow through on their threats. This is why reaching out for help as soon as possible is critical to stop the harassment!

Q: How To Stop Blackmail on Snapchat?

A: The most effective way of stopping blackmail on Snapchat for good is to report the crime to the authorities and cyber experts! They have techniques that combat these types of crimes, which can stop the abuse from continuing and bring these criminals to justice.

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