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What To Do If Someone is Blackmailing You Online?

What To Do If Someone is Blackmailing You Online?

What To Do If Someone is Blackmailing You Online?

Have you ever thought about the concept of “awareness”? It is knowing what is going on around you and understanding the situation. But did you know that 1 in 16 people has been blackmailed in their lifetime? That is a shocking statistic! And it’s not just limited to the real world – cybercriminals are on the rise, with losses in the millions. So, what can you do if you find yourself being blackmailed online?

What is Online Blackmail?

Blackmail is a form of extortion where someone threatens to reveal compromising or embarrassing information about you unless you meet their demands. This can be a frightening experience, especially if the person blackmailing you has personal information that could damage your reputation or relationships.

What To Do If Someone Blackmails You Online with Photos

Let us say a stranger added you on social media. They started up a conversation and quickly gained your trust. After a while, you exchanged explicit information with each other. Suddenly the threats start pouring in. Some examples of these threats are below:

· Photoshopped images

· Screenshots of friends and followers

· Pictures of Significant other’s accounts

· Family member’s information

This can cause physical and mental damage beyond irreparable repair. If someone is blackmailing you online, here are some steps to take to protect yourself.


1. Do not Pay your Blackmailer! There is no guarantee that they will leave you alone, and most of the time will ask for more money.

2. Do not block them! This can make your Suspect more aggressive! Instead, try and stall them or delay until you can get some help!

3. Document everything! Make sure you hold onto the evidence.

4. Report the criminal right away! File a police report with local law enforcement and report the crime online to the FBI. Blackmail is a federal crime.

How to Stop Someone from Blackmailing You Online

In today’s age of technology, it is becoming increasingly common to face online blackmail. It is a scary and intimidating experience that no one should endure. Unlike most authorities, blackmail specialists like Digital Investigation can handle cases relatively quickly and have the resources and strategies to stop the harassment quickly. Victims must gather as much evidence as possible and seek assistance. By taking swift action and not giving in to their tactics, with a bit of help, you can stop online blackmailers in their tracks.


Online blackmail is a serious crime that can have lasting impacts on both the victim and the perpetrator. Do not make any sudden decisions that could make matters worse. You must not give in to threats; this only perpetuates the cycle of online blackmail and keeps its perpetrators safe from facing consequences for their actions.

If you find yourself in this situation, taking action quickly to protect your reputation and privacy by starting a case today with Digital Investigation is essential. Our team of experts is experienced in online security and can help you get through this difficult time. Have you been a victim of blackmail? Let us know how we can help by contacting our 24/7 sextortion helpline today!

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