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Free Course: Investigating Cybersecurity Incidents

Free Course: Investigating Cybersecurity Incidents

Training provider Logical Operations, in partnership with IDG Enterprise, offers a free online course to get you up to speed on how to investigate cybersecurity incidents. It’s a key part of Logical Operations’ fullĀ CyberSec First ResponderĀ security course.

In approximately three hours, their Investigating Cybersecurity IncidentsĀ course will teach you the skills that you will need following a cybersecurity incident, such as performing a forensic analysis by collecting evidence and determining how and why the incident occurred and who caused it.

The pre-recorded videos can be taken at any time ā€“ to fit your busy schedule ā€“ and include a valuable ebook covering the course material.

Fill out the form hereĀ to take this free online course!


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