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A Safe Haven for Malware

A Safe Haven for Malware

by Igor Mikhaylov2017-11-17

Steganography is a science that studies the ways of hidden transmission of information by hiding the very fact of transmission. Science is absolutely not new in its idea, but with the invention of digital ways of implementing algorithms used in it, its development has reached an essentially new level. Three different samples of malicious programs in network attacks containing tools for intellectual analysis of crypto-currency, hidden in forged image files were identified in 2017.


The team of researchers has determined the use of steganography to hide the built-in mining tools with the help of the CMDi attacks detected by the Intrusion Prevention and Intrusion Prevention System (IDPS) of the IBM Security security service. Unfortunately, cybercriminals continue to use steganography, probably because it’s easy to convince users to open images without causing suspicion.

The analysis of the most common of the three samples of malicious programs used in attacks is given in this article.



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