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Blockchain Myths

Blockchain Myths

by Igor Mikhaylov2018-02-14

The technology of Blochkchain has been heard recently. Blockchain is a way of storing data or a digital register of transactions, transactions, contracts. In the blockroom you can store data about almost everything. Its main difference and undeniable advantage is that this registry is not stored in any one place. It is distributed among several hundreds and even thousands of computers all over the world.

John A De Goes tells in his post about the 8 best myths of the blockchain:

1. Blockchain Is Digital Curencis
2. Tokens Are Curencis
3. Blockchain Is not Scalable
4. Blockchain Platforms Will Replicate Tech Stachks
5. Blockchains Are Anti-Governance
6. Blockchain Is An Append-Only Chain of Blocks
7. Blockchains Should Be Implemented in Go or C / C ++
8. Blockchain Is a Buble

He outlined the myths in this article that hinder the exchange of information and investment flows in solutions for deadlocks.



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