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Bruteforcing Linux Full Disk Encryption

Bruteforcing Linux Full Disk Encryption

by Igor Mikhaylov2018-02-11

Users typically use simple passwords. This is what computer attackers use. They calculate the password necessary for penetrating the network by selection.

Previously, most passwords were stored in clear text, but this is not secure. It is better not to store the password itself, but its hash. In this case, if an attacker receives a hash, he will not be able to find out the password. There are various methods of hashing.

Patrick Bell described in detail the project, how to Bruteforce LUK volumes using hashcat. How can you mount a LUK partition and how we can decouple it.

In this article you can get acquainted with the conditions of breaking Debian and a critically important method of access to data. Hopefully this is useful information for you.



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