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Bypassed a Windows locked PC with Cortana

Bypassed a Windows locked PC with Cortana

by Igor Mikhaylov2018-03-08

Developers of the OC have created voice control of the computer for people with disabilities, as well as simply for sybarites. It allows the user to enter information using a voice. The voice control on the PC only takes the first steps, but some security issues have already been revealed.

Two independent Israeli researchers have found a way to circumvent the protection of Windows and install malicious software using voice commands for the Cortana assistant. And this method helped to bypass the screen lock, which was traditionally considered a reliable method of protection.

Unfortunately, this allows you to download malware as long as the computer owner believes that his or her computer is protected.

By the way Microsoft has not closed this gap, so you should be more careful. You can read more details at Kim Cetterstat’s article.



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