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Conference materials: Digital Forensics & Incident Response Summit 2016

Conference materials: Digital Forensics & Incident Response Summit 2016

SANS presented materials from Digital Forensics & Incident Response Summit 2016.

  • All About that (Data)Base
    Matt Bromiley and Jacob Christie
  • Analyzing Dridex, Getting Owned by Dridez, and Bringing in the New Year with Locky
  • CryptoLocker Ransomware Variants are Lurking In the Shadows; Learn How to Protect Against Them
    Ryan Nolette
  • Defending a Cloud
    Troy Larson, Microsoft Security Response Center – Azure
  • Deleted Evidence – Fill in the Map to Luke Skywalker
    David Pany and Mary Singh
  • Dive into DSL – Digital Response Analysis with Elasticsearch
    Brian Marks and Andrea Sancho Silgado
  • Expanding the Hunt – A Case Study in Pivoting Using Passive DNS and Full PCAP
    Gene Stevens and Paul Vixie
  • FLOSS Every Day – Automatically Extracting Obfuscated Strings from Malware
    William Ballenthin and Moritz Raabe
  • Hadoop Forensics
    Kevvie Fowler
  • Hello Barbie Forensics
    Andrew Blaich and Andrew Hay
  • Incident Response Playbook for Android and iOS
    Andrew Hoog
  • iOS of Sauron – How iOS Tracks Everything You Do
    Sarah Edwards
  • Leveraging Cyber Threat Intelligence in an Active Cyber Defense
    Robert M. Lee and Erick Mandt
  • Plumbing the Depths – Windows Registry Internals
    Eric Zimmerman
  • Potential for False Flag Operations in the DNC Hack
    Jake Williams
  • Puzzle Solving and Science – The Secret Sauce of Innovation in Mobile Forensics
    Crowley, Hoog, Leong, Mahalik, and Murphy
  • Rising from the Ashes – How to Rebuild a Security Program Gone Wrong…with Help from Taylor Swift
    Shelly Giesbrecht and Mike Hracs
  • Rocking Your Windows EventID with ELK Stack
    Rodrigo Ribeiro Montoro
  • Seeing Red – Improving Blue Teams with Red Teaming
  • Start-Process PowerShell – Get Forensic Artifact
    Jared Atkinson
  • stoQ’ing Your Splunk
    Ryan Kovar and Marcus LaFerrera
  • To Automate or Not to Automate – That is the Incident Response Question
    Brian Carrier
  • Tracking Threat Actors through YARA Rules and Virus Total
    Kevin Perlow and Allen Swackhamer
  • Trust but Verify – Why, When and How
    Mari DeGrazia
  • UAV Forensic Analysis
    David Kovar
  • Using Endpoint Telemetry to Accelerate the Baseline
    Keith McCammon
  • What Does my SOC Do – A Framework for Defining an InfoSec Ops Strategy
    Austin Murphy
  • What Would You Say You Do Here – Redefining the Role of Intelligence in Investigation
    Rebekah Brown, Rapid7
  • Who Watches the Smart Watches
    Brian Moran

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