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Cybersecurity Strategy

Cybersecurity Strategy

by Igor Mikhaylov2017-08-28

Many thought about cybersecurity. According to the five-year strategy of cybersecurity of the State of Victoria released last Friday, the state government seeks first of all to protect the confidential data of citizens and other data from loss, malicious changes and unauthorized use.


Thus, the strategy was published with six key principles, with the first public one, to request information about the security of the private sector with the government. The strategy was also divided into 23 points on five priorities, which, she said, are aimed at “enhancing the cybersecurity potential” of the government.

Under this strategy, government agencies will be required to develop and submit a quarterly cybersecurity briefing and status reports to the Victorian Secretaries Council and the State Crisis and Sustainability Committee, as well as to conduct cyber security checks.

The development of the cybersecurity strategy was called for by the Victoria Information Technology Development Strategy, issued in May 2016.



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