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Detect Password Spraying With Logs Analysis

Detect Password Spraying With Logs Analysis

by Igor Mikhaylov2018-03-31

In recent years, the press has widely covered high-profile cases related to threats and incidents caused by malicious software. Attackers have become more inventive.


This article describes how to detect the sprinkling of passwords using the Windows Event Log Viewer Trash. Password spraying is when an attacker tries many different user accounts with the same password. You should pay special attention to the event ID of Windows 4625 to detect the sprinkling of passwords. This means that the account was unable to log on to the system. To detect the sprinkling of passwords, we want to map the same source network address or the same workstation name as when logging into the network with 5 valid user names, but passwords that were incorrect within 24 hours.

The advantage of the making of the correlation rules is that you get a very low false positive rate. The main systems you will need to tune out of this rule.



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