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Extract and Decrypt Android WhatsApp Backups

Extract and Decrypt Android WhatsApp Backups

by Igor Mikhaylov2018-01-24

No doubt, today WhatsApp is the most popular messenger, which is released for modern phones. The WhatsApp messenger is used by a billion of people, and Android is the most popular mobile operating system.


All the latest versions of WhatsApp encrypt their backups using a cryptographic key that is unique to the Bhattan’s account, but does not encrypt the media files. The encryption / decryption key is generated by the WhatsApp servers when the backup is first created.

Oleg Afonin describes how to extract WhatsApp for the history of Android communication with Google Drive. However, based on the Whisper Systems communication protocols, its point-to-point communications remain securely protected, but cloud backups remain one of the few attack vectors that allow you to access remotely the WhatsApp message history.



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