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How to protect yourself against Black Friday Cyber Scams

How to protect yourself against Black Friday Cyber Scams

by Igor Mikhaylov2016-11-24

Now a lot of noise because of the Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Cybercriminals are lurking in the network, and therefore, to protect yourself from. Black Friday, which falls on November 25 this year, the day when retailers sell stocks at low prices. Cyber Monday follows and refers to the size of deals available in the online customers. Black Friday and Cyber Monday: What are your consumer rights?

Forecasts of the best Black Friday and Cyber Monday mobile phone deals.
Discounts not usually do not keep a secret until the big day, but you can expect significant savings on technology and electrical products such as televisions and laptops.
Here are 11 tips for staying cyber security on Black Friday:
1. Watch out for fake websites. Check the website URL. It may look like a close copy of a genuine retailer, or may contain a recognizable name, such as, Nike. Note the domain names that end in .net or .org. As well as Internet store rarely offered these types of sites.
2. Pay by credit card. Be suspicious if a website asks you to make a bank transfer instead of paying by card. The credit cards offer consumers protection if things go wrong with the purchase.
3. Make sure the site is secure. Never buy anything from a site that does not have ‘https’ at the start of the URL. The ‘s’ stands for secure.
4. Beware “phishy” emails. Such letters are very common. Their aim is to trick users into revealing personal data. Check e-mail and do not click on links embedded in the message.
5. Don’t trust Whatsapp messages offering cash – even if they’re from your friends. A new way to scam WhatsApp. The user receives a message offering gift cards, which looks like sent from your phone kontakta. Deystvie Swindle said clicking on the link will also allow fraudsters to collect personal information from your device that could track you.
6. False freebies on Facebook. Fraudsters create attractive offers, and from the following link will be asked personal information, which can be used for fraudulent purposes.
7. Avoid shopping on public wi-fi. Criminals are also able to set up fake hotspots.
8. Don’t fall for the “Click and Receive” scam. Be vigilant emails that ask you to click on the link and enter your data, to change the order of delivery, as pristupnikov can fraudulently obtain personal information.
9. When shopping on eBay stick to the rules. The most important thing – it always pay by Paypal – the most points will be protected by eBay a money back guarantee, if pay by transfer, you will lose protection.
10. Customer reviews may weed out poor deals – but watch out for the fakes. Аmong the millions of real reviews of fakes. If very few reviews, and you have to avoid suspicion on the site.
11. If you think you’ve been a victim of a scam – act fast. If you realize that you have been deceived first of all, call your bank immediately and ask them to try to stop the payment. Unfortunately, banks are not responsible for reimbursing customers who were duped into making payments. You can also report fraud.
In conclusion, it should be noted, to avoid becoming a victim of fraud or only, but also a victim of the marketing course read the product for some time before Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

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