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NIST plans to add mobile applications to a software library

NIST plans to add mobile applications to a software library

by Igor Mikhaylov2016-12-19

IT are developing very rapidly, many companies do not rest on their laurels, and that NIST plans to add more than 200 thousand Android and IOS software applications in the software library. Which in turn helps digital forensics investigators targeted potential evidence. NIST is the government organization that is responsible for driving cybersecurity and other technology standards.


The NSRL so far contains some 50 million software programs, ranging from word processing applications to old Atari games. It has already added the first 23,000 mobile applications for its national reference software library (NSRL) and plan to add 200,000 new mobile applications to NSRL next year. Before NIST computer scientist is not an easy task of maintaining the “up-to-date” total storage software.



Forensics investigators don’t just use the database to filter out irrelevant files. The FBI turned to NIST for help in investigating the case. While NIST does not distribute the software in their libraries, it offers researchers access to NSRL for the development of forensics and security tools.




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