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Read free version Digital 4n6 Journal

Read free version Digital 4n6 Journal

by Igor Mikhaylov2016-11-14

Digital 4n6 Journal posted a net free version of its August issue. That being said, the pilot edition.

This journal covers topics ranging from the digital forensics, research activities, events undergone, future prospects and opportunities available to explore in this field. The magazine gathered together experts and enthusiasts to live the dream and contribute to the initiative of Digital India by raising awareness and skills in this area niche. This journal will also provide a platform for addressing challenges faced by the investigators during in digital forensic investigation. You can also add to the treasure in this journal.
The first issue touches various aspects of digital forensics such as SSD Forensics, USN Journal Artifacts, 21st Century Forensics, Linux Malware analysis, Windows mobile forensics, and admissibility of digital evidence in the court of law and many others. In this issue on by the expert team of the journal articles about a young Start Up in India.
You can send them an interesting article or criticism, as well as to visit them on here.

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