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Rule 902 Amendments

Rule 902 Amendments

by Igor Mikhaylov2017-09-02

It is planned to amend the Federal Rule of Evidence 902, which will enter December 1, 2017. The new rules are aimed at streamlining the reception of electronic evidence in court proceedings. You can see in this article which amendments are planned to be made.


With these amendments, the Advisory Committee on Rules of Evidence hopes to make it easier to authenticate certain types of electronic data and to eliminate wasted costs and efforts. Forensic technicians will no longer have to be in a courtroom to articulate to a judge why s/he should admit the evidence as authentic. Under the new rules, a party will only have to provide a written certification by a qualified person that describes the process and technical basis for authenticity.

Courts, law enforcement agencies and corporations should use all the new rules. With what it is connected and why it is necessary to begin preparation it is possible to read in this article.


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