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Sound waves may be used to hack our gadgets

Sound waves may be used to hack our gadgets

by Igor Mikhaylov2017-03-17

IT technologies are improved with every minute and with it the level of protection of gadgets also increases. However, with a special desire in any system, you can find a loophole and take advantage of it. A few days ago, a team of scientists from the University of Michigan, together with researchers from the University of South Carolina, reported a new and effective way of hacking – the impact of a sound wave on an accelerometer.


As accelerometers are equipped with an incredible variety of devices, all of this can be controlled remotely with the help of an acoustic column costing only $ 5.

Acoustic attacks are not really new. Nevertheless, this discovery does not lose its significance. During the study, the impact of sound waves, scientists were able to force the wheels of a toy car to spin, and were able to control the car using a special application on the Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone.

But it is important to remember that this study is only a proof of concept that was used to highlight the security threats that popular consumer goods are exposed to.



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