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Street Penetration Testing

Street Penetration Testing

by Igor Mikhaylov2017-02-26

Internet has widely penetrated into our lives. However, as the Internet of Things (IOT) devices are growing at a great pace, they continue to expand their attack surface at the same time, giving the attacker a large number of entry points to affect you, or some other way. Therefore, attackers can use their smart devices to gain entry into the network, allowing them to steal confidential data, such as your personal information, along with a host of other malicious activities.


One of the famous hacker has demonstrated one of the most interesting attack scripts. JaysonEStreet said that all this is necessary to go to the correct device to get to the other device. Once connected, all of the victim’s information flows directly into the attacker’s device, allowing cybercriminals to secretly eavesdrop on the network traffic and steal passwords, financial and other sensitive data and even redirect you to malware and phishing sites.



To avoid Twin WiFi Attachks should:

  1. Turn WiFi Off.
  2. Change your passwords.
  3. Research your purchase.
  4. Trust and check each device.



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