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The Best of Both Worlds: A New Approach to Endpoint Security

The Best of Both Worlds: A New Approach to Endpoint Security

by Igor Mikhaylov2016-12-02

The endpoint detection and response (EDR) is a new technology. The term defines a category of tools and solutions that focus on the detection, investigation and mitigation of suspicious activity and issues on hosts and endpoints.

In a rapidly evolving field, there are numerous software tools focused on the detection of endpoints and response, as well as tools and solutions with more proposals, which include the detection of the end point and response as the main or additional capacity. One of these software tools is the product of the company Fidelis Cybersecurity – Fidelis Endpoint.

Fidelis Endpoint reduces the time for the investigation and resolution of security incidents and provides a real-time understanding of how the attackers penetrated your endpoints and hide in your environment.

With the recent update Fidelis Endpoint to version 6.1 have been made improvements, including:

1. Real-time monitoring
2. Improved engine detection technology
3. Event Driven User Interface
4. Fidelis Network ™ Integration
5. Support for scripts for all jobs
6. Enhanced Endpoint Context

Now there is the industry’s first product EDR, which is designed to detect and respond faster than any other product. Read the product here you can here  .

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