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Project FIRST

Project FIRST

by Igor Mikhaylov2016-12-03

Talos is the industry-leading threat intelligence organization dedicated to providing protection before, during, and after cybersecurity threats. It detects and correlates threats in real time using a great threat detection network in the world, encompassing all possible resources. The company’s specialists actively monitor all the new trends in hacking activities. That’s why Holger Unterbrink talks about the project, which is headed by Angel M. Villegas.

The Project (FIRST), which is pleased to announce Talos , is the basis of open source software, which allows you to use the combined knowledge of the functions that are used for different types of files. The goal is to create a community for Infosec analysts and reverse engineers for exchanging information. The main idea is to keep the FIRST engineering analysis, to provide a quick view to avoid loss of time in analyzing the function of which has already been analyzed before in another sample or other engineer. The company provides a plug-in by adding features, updatings and view annotations.
Talos further provides a variety of free software and services, to support the security community resources and data.



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