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Will WannaCry be back?

Will WannaCry be back?

by Igor Mikhaylov2019-02-21

There was a rapid growth of encryption programs in 2017. The most striking attacks were WannaCry, exPetr and BadRabbit. The attacks were aimed at businesses, and cyber security experts are looking for a way to stop the spread of the virus. Experts say that WannaCry has not been destroyed yet.

WannaCry blocked users’ files and demanded a ransom in bitcoins. The actions of this virus led to a halt in the activities of many large companies, government organizations and even departments. More than one hundred thousand systems are infected with the WannaCry virus, and one should not forget about it. The largest number of infected computers is currently located in China.

Kryptos Logic continues to monitor the encryption program, as it can be activated at any moment. Experts strongly recommend not neglecting the generally accepted rules of security and using modern antivirus software and operating system updates.

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