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How Can I Get Out Of Sextortion In Utah?

How Can I Get Out Of Sextortion In Utah?

Sextortion is a type of blackmail where someone threatens to release intimate photos or videos of you unless you give them money or something else, they want. Sextortion can happen to anyone, but it is especially common among young people. In Utah, there have been several recent cases of sextortion involving minors to the point the FBI has issued a warning for families in the state. If you are a victim and want to know how to overcome sextortion in Utah, keep reading.

What is Sextortion under Utah law?

Under Utah Law sextortion a person that is 18 years old or older is guilty of sexual extortion if they have the intent to coerce victims to produce and distribute explicit sexual images and videos and threaten to distribute said content to benefit themselves in some manner. Sextortion in Utah is considered a third-degree felony. Aggravated sexual extortion involving an adult, a vulnerable adult, and a minor is a second-degree felony.

The FBI’s Salt Lake City office noticed the rise of sextortion due to the dozens of reports they receive on a monthly basis and made a sextortion PSA that speaks of the alarming cases rising in Montana, Utah, Idaho and states across the country.

The PSA consisted of a mother of a sextortion victim. Her thirteen-year-old son fell victim when he thought he was speaking to a girl his age on social media. Thoughts of self-harm were brought from the stress of it all (this is very common with sextortion) but thankfully the mother and son sought out help from the police and the FBI.

What’s the Penalty for sextortion in UT State?

Unfortunately, in Utah, there are no specific sextortion laws or punishments for offenders. However, those that act on sextortion are breaking other established laws in the state such as extortion, intimidation, bribery, cyber stalking, and in cases involving a minor, child pornography. Sentencing will be based on the specifics and severity of the case. How Can I Get Out Of Sextortion In Utah

How Can I Get Out of Sextortion in Utah?


We offer immediate, 24/7 assistance from our team of investigators.

If you are being targeted by sextortion it is important that you take action immediately. The first step should always be contacting local law enforcement and the FBI and filing a report about the incident immediately.

You can report sextortion to the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) at, or in the case of a minor being sextorted you should also report the crime to the Nation Center for Missing and Exploited Children at

You should also reach out for help from trusted friends and family members who can help keep you safe and provide emotional support during this difficult time. Additionally, make sure that any devices containing any sensitive information are secured with strong passwords and two-factor authentication if available. Finally, it’s important that you protect yourself online by avoiding sending any sensitive information over unsecured networks or through unencrypted emails or messages.


Sextortion in Utah is an increasingly common problem and it’s important for everyone to understand how they can protect themselves from this type of exploitation. If you think that you may be a target of sextortion then it’s critical that you contact local law enforcement right away and reach out for help from loved ones who can provide emotional support during this difficult time.

Additionally, make sure that all devices containing sensitive information are secure with strong passwords and two-factor authentication if available as well as make sure not to send any sensitive information through unsecured networks or emails/messages. Taking these steps will go a long way toward keeping yourself safe online!

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