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How to Deal with Facebook Sextortion

How to Deal with Facebook Sextortion

Facebook may seem like the go-to, end-all-be-all of social networking on the surface. Beneath the veneer of vague status updates and funny videos lurks a side of social media few see regularly: the criminal side. In This article we’ll discuss How to Deal with Facebook Sextortion

That cute girl that added you as a friend may not be everything she seems – or that hunky fellow who seems to know a few of your contacts might not be so friendly themselves.

If you’ve been following our articles, you already know what sextortion is: a cyber-crime where individuals will lure unsuspecting victims into a conversation that they quickly turn romantic or sexual, and convince sextortion victims to send intimate photos of themselves which they then hold for blackmail.


Add to the Stories, if the Stories Add Up

The biggest key factor of difference between Facebook sextortion and sextortionist on other platforms is the potential amount of information that they have access to, depending on your level of privacy on the platform and what accounts you may have publicly linked therein.

Facebook sextortionists will typically tend to add multiple friends all at once. Typically branching off their primary target, hoping to appear as a more legitimate profile. They will sometimes also use existing profiles – obtained through nefarious means from their original owners, making it difficult to know if they really aren’t who they say they are.

Here are several key things to look for in conversations with parties that you’ll want to pay attention to when attempting to deal with Facebook sextortion:

  1. Pay attention to the grammar the person you’re chatting with is using.

This is going to be the largest red flag to look for. That isn’t to say that anyone using poor grammar is automatically a sextortionist.  However, a vast majority of these scammers are located overseas.


  1. Ask complex questions, and see what their responses are.

Most sextortionists operate off a set of scripted responses not unlike chatbots; they will often ignore questions they don’t have information to answer with or give general answers. 

  1. Creep their profile.

How old is the Facebook profile? What has been their posting history? Did they just join Facebook? If they didn’t and they have a long post history, where have the majority of their posts and pictures been located prior to them contacting you on Messenger? 

How to Deal with Facebook Sextortion – Advices

         When dealing with Facebook Sextortion as an active situation, there’s several things to keep in mind as you process things.

First and foremost – remain calm. Sextortionists will do everything in their power to harass and worry you.  This is a tactic of mental manipulation to put you into a high-stress, high-anxiety state of mind.

This will ultimately lead to you being in a more pliable state of mind, when it comes to interacting with the blackmailer, which is something they’re counting on. Next, keep a running tab on all communications you have with the scammer.

Detail every interaction, take copious notes – the more evidence you have of the interactions with them, the more prepared you will be to defend yourself. This will also assist and go hand-in-hand with the next action to take: report your situation to your local authorities.

Making a report to law enforcement, whether your local police or the FBI, will assist in insulating you from potential threats.

How to report sextortion on Facebook


We offer immediate, 24/7 assistance from our team of investigators.

The single most important thing to do, in our experience, is to seek professional assistance with your situation. Facebook sextortion has the possibility to become a life-altering and reputation-damaging situation.  

There are many groups, companies, and individual experts who can be of service in dealing with online sextortion – and Digital Forensics Corp is glad to count itself amongst that crowd.

We have high rate-of-success in handling these situations. 

Find more information on our main website. Call Us at 1-888-210-0574, or request a Call Back. Contact our Sextortion Helpline

Now you Know How to Deal with Facebook Sextortion. If you want to report sextortion on facebook – contact us. We know how to handle complex cases not only with Sextortion on Facebook. We can help you with

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And any other types of online sextortion scam

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